Position: 3D Developer & Modeler
Schedule: May 2005 - Dec. 2008
Client: German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Team size: 4 people

SatViz was a real time satellite simulation tool with 3D visualization support. This software was initially designed for space industries simulation/visualization and provided simulation for the following satellites and ISS components:

  • TerraSAR / TandemX
  • SatcomBW
  • International Space Station (ISS global visualization/positioning)
  • Columbus / Biolab (extended ISS module visualization)
  • ESA Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV)

The software was then extended to simulate other systems, such as an OIL plant, or a F1 racing car.

  • I was responsible for creating the 3D simulation environment primarily used for spatial missions modeling.
  • I designed and implemented the 3D engine based on OpenSceneGraph.
  • I gathered significant experience with:
    • C++ code,
    • 3D space algebra (matrices, quaternions, transformations),
    • OpenGL pipeline in general,
    • OpenSceneGraph framework,
    • 3D Modeling,
    • SCons build framework
    • Java code
  • I interacted actively with the OpenSceneGraph community, producing plugins for OSG to:
    • Read SGI images,
    • Read BIL elevation data format,
    • Read GZ compressed files
  • Got multi-platform experience: working with Visual Studio on Windows and Eclipse on Linux
  • I optimized multiple 3D models with 3DS Max to make them “3D engine friendly”:
    • Columbus, ISS, NASA Shuttle, LTS, SatcomBW, TerraSAR-X, etc.
  • I designed many classes/systems using UML diagrams (generated with BOUML).
  • I created Windows installer construction scripts (with NSIS).

⇒ The SatViz software was used successfully for public demonstrations purposes for many years at DLR.

  • OpenSceneGraph
  • C++
  • GLSL
  • 3DS Max
  • Java
  • JNI
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio
  • SCons
  • SVN
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