MX-Sim simulator

Position: Main 3D Developer
Schedule: Jan. 2012 - Apr. 2016
Client: L3 Wescam
Team size: 7 people

The MX-Sim application is a collection of softwares created to provide a complete simulation of most of the Wescam MX-Series turrets. This system is built around a core simulator implemented in java, and a dedicated plugin for Bohemia Interactive Simulations Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) engine. The System also encompass additional components providing support for connections to official turret controllers, lasers arming/firing protocols, SDI video streaming with embedded KLV data.

Check the Official MX-Sim page for more details on the product.
  • I designed and implemented the VBS2 plugin used in this system (called VBSSim).
  • I built a low level DirectX hook system to extend on the capabilities provided by the VBS2 engine.
  • I created a custom lua binding generator tool (called sgtLuna) based on doxygen xml parsing and supporting most key C++ features.
  • I used the sgtLuna generator to produce and maintain massive and advanced lua bindings in C++ for complex APIs (DirectX, VBSFusion, OpenSceneGraph, etc)
  • I used OOP designs in Lua to build the models for all the key turret components required for visualization (gimbal, sensors, cameras, filters, illuminators, designator, overlay sub-system, menu sub-system, etc).
  • I built complex HUDs with DirectX, advanced post-processing effects in HLSL such as:
    • Depth of Field, noise grain,
    • Thermal simulation,
    • Camera calibration processes,
    • Exposure adaptation,
    • Image blending, Image sharpening, etc.
  • I provided the network communication layer (socket with Wescam specific protocols) on the VBS2 plugin side to support interactions with the MX-Sim core simulator.

⇒ The MX-Sim product was launched successfully and is now sold and shipped all over the world to multiple Wescam customers for effective training on the MX-Series turrets.

  • Virtual Battlespace 2
  • C++
  • Lua
  • DirectX
  • HLSL
  • PhotoShop
  • CMake
  • Latex
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