Wescam e-Learning

Position: 3D Software Developer
Schedule: Oct. 2012 - Dec. 2012
Client: L3 Wescam
Team size: 1 people

The initial version of the Wescam e-Learning software was a standalone flash application used to train the user on the L3 Wescam MX-series turrets within simplified training scenarios. The users could practice on the turret's controls with an on-screen controller display and was requested to perform tasks in order to progress in the scenarios.

  • I extended the list of available scenarios with maritime scenarios.
  • I refactored the ActionScript core simulation classes with a more robust Object Oriented Programming structure.
  • I reduced assets and scenes complexity to ensure acceptable performances on low-end devices.

  ⇒ The deliveries on this project were provided on time and validated by Wescam.

  • ActionScript
  • PhotoShop
  • FlashDevelop IDE
  • Away3d
  • 3DS Max
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