Position: Software Developer
Schedule: Nov. 2009 - Jan. 2011
Client: ESA
Team size: 1 people

U-COVRS was an application used to stream Videos from different sources (in the aerospace industries context, for instance, video streams received from the ISS). It was built as a system service (daemon) controlled from a web interface, where the user could request the playback of the available video elements in the system datastore to a specified destination. The streaming itself was handled with VLC processes controlled by the application backend.

  • I debugged and fixed existing issues inside the software.
  • I refactored parts of the software code to simplify maintenance.
  • I provided requested enhancements on the web interface layout.

⇒ Even though the project schedule was very tight, all the submitted issues were dealt with in time, and the deliveries were validated by ESA.

  • C++
  • PHP
  • gSOAP
  • Java
  • Linux (SLES)
  • VLC
  • Shell scripting
  • CMake
  • CSS
  • SVN
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