MQL4 Syntax Highlighting Extension for VisualStudio Code

  • While working on the MT4 TrendStop Indicator project I realized that there were currently no syntax highlighting extension for the MQL languages in Visual Studio Code: What a shame! It's now time to fix this… ;-)
  • So I checked the indications on how to build such an extension, and then started to work on this syntax highlighting project.
  • Installed yeoman and code generator globally:
    npm install -g yo
    npm install -g generator-code
  • Init of the project with code generator (run from PowerShell in project folder):
    yo code
  • Installing vsce to share MQL4 extension on the extension marketplace:
    npm install -g vsce
  • Created Personal Access Token as indicated on this page from this page:
  • Created publisher nervtech (with email address “roche point emmanuel at gmail point com”):
    vsce create-publisher nervtech
  • npm
  • vsce

  • The extension is available on the Visual Studio Code marketplace or can be installed directly in Visual Studio Code with the command (use Ctrl+P to enter):
    ext install mq4
  • The sources for this extension are available on github.
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