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 +====== NervLuna: C++/Lua binding Generator ======
 +NervLuna is a binding generator project I started in May 2020 as the successor of my previous **sgtLuna** component in my [[public:​projects:​singularity:​singularity|"​Singularty"​ project]]. This time I'm using Clang as backend for parsing the code, and so far this seems to produce very interesting results. ​
 +Below is a list of the articles I wrote on this project so far:
 +  * [[blog:​2020:​0601_introducing_nervluna|Introducing NervLuna: the automatic C++/Lua binding generator]]
 +  * [[blog:​2020:​0609_nervluna_field_inheritance|Adding support for fields inheritance in NervLuna]]
 +  * [[blog:​2020:​0610_nervluna_const_and_static_fields|Support for const and static fields in NervLuna]]
 +  * [[blog:​2020:​0615_nvcore_bindings_gen|Generating bindings for the nvCore module]]
 +  * [[blog:​2020:​0617_nervluna_file_naming|NervLuna:​ Fixing generated file names]]
 +  * [[blog:​2020:​0618_nervluna_operators_handling|NervLuna:​ Handling C++ operators]]
 +  * [[blog:​2020:​0619_nervluna_nvcore_bindings_stage2|NervLuna:​ generating bindings for nvCore - second run]]
 +  * [[blog:​2020:​0728_nervluna_nvcore_folders|NervLuna:​ Adding more input folders for nvCore bindings]]
 +  * [[blog:​2020:​0807_nervluna_type_handling_mechanism|NervLuna:​ Refactoring of types handling mechanism]]