NervLandJS: A revolutionary 3D world sandbox in Web Browser

Or well… that's the idea at least… we are not quite there yet unfortunately 😅

But, anyway, Manu, here I will try to keep track of the state of this project, in case you ever have to stop working on it for lonnnnng months, and then your Alzheimer starts kicking in again, and you forget everything about it [again…]

So below you will find a list of pages/blog posts/technical notes to help you remind yourself what you have been doing [Yeahh I know… I'm talking to myself… ohh man… but, hey, who cares in the end ? 🤣]

NervLand: A revolutionary 3D world sandbox (maybe in Web Browser?)

So, following the final discussion in Using the Producers in the TerrainNode I think I should now rather try to build the NevLand app as a Rust app and see if I can use that more easily with multithreading support using a WebAssembly compilation. Thus, the adventure continues below:

NervLand: Back to C++ world

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