Learning How to Learn

  • These are the two different ways of thinking.
* When learning something new, the brain needs to go between the focused and diffuse modes a lot of times.
* We need to do a little bit everyday.
  • Do a Pomodoro of 25 minutes to avoid procrastination:
    1. 25 of intensive focus
    2. no distraction
    3. reward of this time.
  • 4 slots in short term memory
  • Spaced repetitions: repeat what we need to learn on days 1,2,3,5 and 7.
  • Sleep is needed to wash away the toxins in the brain.
  • It is also necessary to memorize the new patterns.
  • Willing to dream about something can increase the chances to dream about it.

A neural pattern that “make sense” created through practice and repetition.

  • Using recall is the best way to learn something from a written material.
  • Recalling in different physical locations can also be very helpful.
  • Einstellung: blocking “installation” preventing discovery of new (better) ideas.
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