Who is Emmanuel ROCHE ?

I think I can say I'm a “strange beast” really…

First of all, I now believe very strongly that the thing about “limits” is that they exist wherever you place them, so I've placed mine behind me… And now, I'm on a run, running every day after my destiny: I just won't stop learning anymore, I can't. I have no desire to fit in, and I want to reach for the stars, nothing less.

But let's first rewind a little bit:
I started my journey studying advanced mathematics and physic, which I enjoyed a great lot. Still, I always knew I would get into computer science one day, because, as far as I remember I have always been facinated with Artificial Intelligence and things such as the “Singularity” concept, or the nanotechnologies revolution.

Then, during more than 11 years, I built a significant experience in C++, Lua and 3D rendering technologies. I also spent a lot of time working on GPU programming, and reached a very high level of expertise in all those fields. I acquired and used this expertise working on multiple simulation or computation projects in the space industry, gathering more knowledge and more skills continuously.

Since a few years now, I realized there was no reason for me to stop at this level, and I could always learn more given all the learning resources available around us nowadays. So I decided to get into the financial trading field, as I'm also interested in this domain. I spent countless hours reading papers, writing algorithms, following online courses and testing expert advisors system to get a proper understanding of the financial markets, and then tried with multiple attempts to bridge the gap between finance and machine learning with expert advisors built on neural networks system. Unfortunately, so far those experiments were not successful, but I learnt a great lot in the process, and I will get back to it soon.

At about the same time, I discovered I had a furious interest in recent web technologies: so I really wanted to also become familiar with NodeJS, AngularJS, express, and the complete web application development ecosystem. Again, I worked very had to properly grasp all the concepts of this domain, but now, I believe I have all the required bases to start building applications as I want or need.

Currently I'm also putting more efforts around machine learning and data science in general… So, to put it in a nutshell: as I said, I won't stop learning. There are only a few cases where I would consider I deserve a break:

  1. If one day my computer tells me (on its own behalf): “Dad… I think, so I am ?”
  2. If my consciousness and memories just got uploaded in a giant quantum mainframe… (in that case I would not rest long anyway, as one second could probably mean many years of relative time in my “new world” ;-))
  3. If I'm in a stasis chamber in an interstellar trip towards a new inhabitable planet in the universe (or, well, Mars could still be a descent option too)
  4. If mankind just made contact with a superior extraterrestial life form (either friendly or not, that would not matter…).
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