Setup Ragnarok map on ARK server

I have my little private ARK server running on docker on which I played with friends quite a few hours already. it has been a great lot of fun and all, but now, it maybe be a time for a fresh start… So here, we will try to setup the Ragnarok map instead of the default Island map.

Where to start ?

Before changing anything, it's probably a good idea to just restart the server and connect to it to ensure everything is up-to-date and still working fine :-).

OK: took some time to get the server up and running again, but I guess that's what you should expect when you have to download all the latest updates ?! Anyway, it's now working fine. So let's think about the map change.

My NervArk server runs with arkmanager, and as such I can specify the map to load in the ArkManager.cfg file. So… how about just changing this line ?

# serverMap=${SERVERMAP}                                          # server map (default TheIsland)
serverMap=Ragnarok                                          # server map (default TheIsland)

Then we restart the server and we prey… And that's it! From the ARK client the server is now reported as running the Ragnarok map! Yeepee!

Yet, we also need to install the DLC on the client computers so that seems to be another 2.7GB download… Let's do that, and then confirm we can run the map as expected.

Mission completed

Well… that was easy… almost too easy when compared to my previous journey on building the mingw64 compiler on linux :-)

Hmmm… of course, I was speaking too fast: when starting the game we cannot create a new survivor, because we already have one corresponding to our SteamID in the SavedArks folder. So just renaming those profile files to *.old files for the moment: not working still 30 min respawn timer and cannot create new survivor.

  • Also checked this page, so could try to disable our respawn timer… ?
  • Let's just remove the previous data completely first: OK this is working!

⇒ Maybe we could still retrieve the previous profile files and inject them here now, but we will check that another time! For now, !!RAGNAROK, HERE WE ARE…!!


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