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So, in this article, we are going to investigate how to create and display “function objects” inside the NervCode environment. Obviously, we are not going for anything too fancy here, just the bare minimum to consider we are moving forward ;-).

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2020/06/23 20:46

So here we are again, with yet another dev session to try to get the lua bindings for my nvCore module to finally compile properly. On the table today: abstract classes, unnamed arguments, already defined functions and finally link errors: “Bon appétit!” LOL. But hey, the issues are not going to simply automatically fix themself, so no choice here: we have to get to work ;-)!

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2020/06/19 05:16

In this new development session on NervLuna we will focusing on providing the correct support for the operator bindings and also fix some regression issues due to our latest updates on the parsing system. Let's get started!

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2020/06/18 05:50

In our previous post, we were trying to generate the bindings for the nvCore module, and even if we cannot say this was a complete success, we made some significant steps forward. And now, it's time to continue on this path, trying to push it even further. Here we will mainly focus on how the actual binding files are named and what we can do to use short aliases for some template classes when applicable (both issues are closely related, since we use the class name to generate the file name.)

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2020/06/17 07:59

The nvCore module is the base module I built to encapsulate all the features that I consider as “base blocks” for any other sub-project. As a result, this is the first useful module I should try the NervLuna binding generation on. And this is was we will try to achieve in this article. Let's get started!

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2020/06/15 14:26

I currently have an idea in mind that I starting to think could really be worth something. And thus, I would like to work on this idea a bit to see if this can bring me somewhere.

The base concept is simple: I want to write a game. But I don't want to write a “game”. :-)

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2020/06/12 12:40

So continuing on our NervLuna binding generator journey, we are now going to consider the support for const and static fields in a given input class.

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2020/06/10 12:49

As previously discussed, I've been working on my 'NervLuna' C++/lua binding generator project lately. The project can already be used to generate some interesting bindings, but many “base elements” are still missing. One of them is the support for fields inheritance in classes/structures. So, in this post, we will see together how this can be added.

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2020/06/09 11:07

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