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In our previous post, we implemented the support to use VertexBuffer objects to provide the vertex data we want to draw. This time we are going to do something completely different and focus instead on the support for resizing the main window of our application.

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2022/11/11 16:25

In the last post, we introduced suppport for the Vulkan Memory Allocator to take care of our memory allocations. With this in place, we can now try to extend a bit on our display system and try to vertex buffers to provided the data we want to draw instead of hardcoding the value in our shader. And in this process we can start the design a subsystem to create various simple shapes like a plane, a cube, a sphere, etc.

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2022/11/09 21:01

With my latest sessions on my VulkanApp lua experiment I'm finally starting to get back on rails with my vulkan 3D engine 👍, and in the last post, we ended with a nice first triangle display, yeepee!

In this session, we will introduce the support for the Vulkan Memory Allocator library in our project, as managing the device memory is going to be a serious pain otherwise.

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2022/11/04 21:14

Still restoring stuff that was already “sort of” working at some point (a long time ago) lol: so I continue with this VulkanApp I built in Lua with my binding system. And it seems there is still a lot to do on that path…

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Continuing here with the restoring process for my NervLand project: as mentioned at the end of my last post, I now need to retore my “NervBind” application to generate some lua bindings automagically: let's get started.

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So in this new session, we continue with the restoring of the NervSeed project started in my previous post. Now it's time to inject some lua magic in there 😋! Or well… a little bit at least… if possible… lol.

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2022/09/17 13:15

Lately I have installed a few cameras at home for video monitoring purpose: the idea is to get ready to leave our home for some vacations from time to time and still ensure that everything at home is safe.

The cameras I'm using so far are from “Tapo” and are working okay so far (except for a regular disconnection issue I still have to investigate). But I don't want to pay for the advanced “AI processing” offered by the company, and instead I would like to check here if there is a way to use those cameras directly for processing in custom programs I could write myself 👍!

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So in this article, we will document the setup of the video stabilization utility in the NervProj framework (inside the NervHome project). This utility will be based on the former version written in bash scripts and converted into a modern python application in the process.

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2022/08/28 06:42

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