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Long story short: in the past year or so I have been implementing many python scripts/objects to handle interactions with some blockchain protocols automatically. And now that I have started to clean things up with the NervProj framework it's time for me to get back to these, and restore most of those scripts.

One good starting point I believe is the automatic claim system I built for Linear Finance on the Binance Smart Chain: This will force me to cover quite a lot of points already so this may take some time, but hey, we have to start somewhere right ?

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Okay guys, so, that's not quite what I wanted to handle next, but I currently have a bit of a problem with the Sunny Aggregator platform: I have some funds on the pools there, which I would like to withdraw, but due to a nastly issue with incorrect handling of the “point” in the values that you will enter on the website, you basically cannot withdraw any value with decimals: for instance you can withdraw “7” LPs from a given pool, but not “7.” or “7.0”, or “7.78”, etc.

And I guess the dev team is going its best, but that still a bit too slow from my perspective. And on top of that, I've been waiting to jump into solana programming since a long time now, so that sounds like a good opportunity to give it a try here 😊!

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In one of my previous articles (available here) I introduced support to list/add/remove monitored coins from the command line with my coingecko component. This is very nice and all, but this also assumes that you know what is the ID of the coin you want to add to the list, which is not always absolutely clear…

So, what I want to do here is to add support to search for all coins matching a given pattern and list them directly on the command line so I could then select the proper one in the list and add the corresponding coin id.

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So, continuing the work started in my previous article on this topic, I'm now going to restore the “chart panel”, which was used to display 4 charts of the selected coin with 4 different time frames. As in the initial version I will use matplotlib to draw the chart. And in fact, I've already been trying to integrate that package with pyqt5 and it works just fine, so this task here should not be too hard hopefully ;-). Let's get started!

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2022/05/18 09:31

Okay, so, I desperately need to restore my cryptoview project now. This was formerly based on wxPython and I would really like to translate this into pyqt5 in the process. I just hope this wont take me too long…

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2022/05/17 11:50

Hi everyone, here is a very quick post on the update I'm adding on my “NervSwimPool” project, which is a simple NodeJS project I built to get remote access to our swimmingpool devices (pump, robot, light, etc). I could explain this further to give a bit more context for this article, but, I feel lazy to do it, because I already lost some good time restoring my network access to the raspberry pi device hosting the program (stupid old/invalid network gateway setting of course).

⇒ So let's just get straight into the problem.

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2022/05/14 13:38

In this new post, I want to build myself a new component to be able to access/use my twitter accounts from python. I like twitter, it's handy to just quickly share a few words and then forget about it. But, I feel it's a bit of a pain for me to have to open my browser to send something there! 😝 So I would like to be able to use twitter easily directly from a command line! And given my recent journey in my NervProj framework, there is no better place to try to implement that from my perspective.

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2022/05/13 10:02

Morning the world! After my previous quick project article on the Filtering of corrupted gif files what I want to build here is a minimal command line utility I could use to perform simple images manipulation, like resizing, cropping, applying simple effets, etc.

I already started to build something in that direction in the article Image overview generation, but I need to make this a bit more generic: should still support gifs, and batch processing of images, but not really to create a single overview image at the end.

So let's get to work, shall we!

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2022/05/12 09:36

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