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So, continuing today from the end of our last session, where I introduced some initial minimal QT6 bindings to be able to display a very simple window with a menu bar, and handling a signal connection in lua. This time, we will try to improve a bit on this initial implementation to try to collect all the QT signals automatically when generating the bindings πŸ‘! Let's see if the idea I have will work 😎

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2023/03/09 20:45

In this post I'm covering the compilation of QT6 on linux, and then I continue with more lua bindings on windows: that second part was a lot of fun actually, and I ended up with a working minimal QT window built completely from lua 😁! There is still a lot to do here, but who knows, maybe someday I'm gonig to replace pyQT6 this way ?! 🀣. Just keep reading below if you're interested in some painful errors or brief moment of joy on this journey ;-)

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2023/03/07 19:54

Hello world! Continuing our journey with vulkan I feel I'm now ready to build a dedicated β€œcamera” class, and then figure out how to send user inputs to that camera: after all, all we really need here are the mouse events from the SDL window, right ? So, can't be that terrible to implement 🀣 Let's get started!

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2023/02/21 17:03

Hey hey! Tonight I feel like trying a very quick script generation: the goal will be to have an NVP command that I can use simply to renormalize the sound stream in a given input video file. This could be very handy to post-process my devlog recordings for instance.

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2023/02/21 13:41

OKay, so in this session, I want to turn my previous simple triangle display into a 3D cube. To achieve that I would like to start using an index buffer, and also introduce the minimal support required to handle an ortho projection, so that I could play a simple cube animation and see it rotating. This all sounds pretty easy said like this, but I'm sure I will find some trouble on my path, as usual πŸ˜†. So let's get started.

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2023/01/03 22:08

In my last post I covered restoring the LLVM JIT compiler support in the NervLand project. That part seems to be working not too bad for now, but I realized that if I want to be able to dynamically inject new functions in the lua state then I need a more user friendly way to do it still using the Luna infrastructure, but with a mechanism a bit similar to what is done in the SOL library. So this will be the main topic that we will cover here. Let's get started [Spoiler alert: this is going to be a little tricky :-)]

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2022/12/03 08:17

So in our previous post we were playing a bit with push constants, and came to the conclusion that using luajit over C++ to define dynamic behavior only introduced an about 5% performance penalty. Still, now I really feel like diving back into the LLVM JIT compiler implementation to check what has changed there since the last time I tried that 😁. And who knows, maybe I can easily reclaim that 5% hit in the end ? 😏

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2022/11/26 08:07

Continuing our journey in vulkan, this time our target will be to introduce support for push constants in our command buffers. That sounds simple at first, but when I starting thinking about it, I realize it might not be that simple in fact. Let's check why…

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2022/11/16 16:06

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