Serious Game Design and Development

1. Introduction to play, games and serious games

  • Play: engagement in activity for enjoyment. Voluntary.
  • Game: competitive activity, with a framework of agreed rules.
  • Serious game: not designed with entertainment as main purpose, rather to learn something.

Game and Play Concepts

  • Play is necessary condition of the generation of culture (Johan Huizinga).

Digital Games

  • Digital games add to game definition:
    • Immediate interactivity
    • Manipulation of large information
    • Automated complex systems
    • Networked communication.

Game Design Elements

  • Creative process of going from the idea to the actual game.
  • Keep the player in the “flow channel”
  • Game elements:
    • Technology
    • Aesthetics
    • Mechanics
    • Story
  • Game mechanics types:
    • Space
    • Objects
    • Actions
    • Rules
    • Skill
    • Chance
  • Type of games:

* Action games: quick reflexes.

  * Adventure games.
  * RPG games
  * Simulation games
  * Strategy games
  * Puzzle games

Serious Games

  • awareness games: Darfur is dying

Serious Games Analysis