Recovering deleted GIT branch

Today I'm back at work, so as a regular routine, I'm cleaned my list of “stale” git branches both locally and remotely. And I have a nice handy shell script to do that. So with a single command I can completely get rid of a branch :-). This is awesome most of the time… But it's not that handy when you make a mistake, and you delete a branch you actually needed!

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2019/01/02 08:35

MNIST convolution network

In this post we are going to build a convolutional network with the architecture suggested in the reference book, with two pooling and two convolutional layers interleaved followed by a fully connected layer (with a dropout of p=0.5), and a terminal softmax layer.

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2019/01/01 20:46

MNIST Multilayer Perceptron network

As mentioned in my previous post on this topic, we should now try to build and train a multilayer perceptron network on the MNIST dataset. This should provide us a small improvement on the accuracy previously observed using a simple logistic regression network.

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2018/12/30 17:51

Simple MNIST Logistic regression

In this post we should (finally) be able to perform logistic regression on the MNIST dataset, now that I have a properly setup tensorflow installation.

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2018/12/30 13:15

Tensorflow setup - Second trial

After my terrible failure trying to setup tensorflow yesterday, I decided I should take the “not that complicated” road, and install the required version of CUDA and cudNN instead of trying to build Tensorflow from sources.

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2018/12/29 08:01

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