Simple Policy gradient Training on armed bandit

In this post, we are going to build a simple Policy gradient experiment, on an “n-armed bandit” problem.

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2019/03/07 13:27

QNetwork learning

Continuing on my current “Reinforcement Learning” path we are now going to try the Q network implementation that we will train on the Frozenlake environment again.

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2019/03/05 21:19

Probabilistic QTable learning

As mentioned in my previous post on this subject, I feel it could be worth investigating a bit further on this “Q table learning” algorithm. And more specifically, I want to try to introduce some kind of probabilistic action management in the system… Even if I'm not sure yet what kind of results this will give me. Let's just try and see ;-)

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2019/03/05 08:42

Simple QTable learning

Today, I feel like trying an implementation of a “Q table learning”. Of course, the idea is to go much further than this, but we have to start the the basis, right ? So let's begin.

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2019/03/04 18:11

Text generation with LSTM

A long time ago I remember I first tried an LSTM implementation in Torch, trying to generate text based on some large text corpus from shakespear (see reference below). The result that could be achieved at that time were already quite surprising. But now I want to give this concept another try. Except that this time, it should be implemented in Tensorflow instead of torch. SO let's get started!

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2019/02/12 21:23

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